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The Most Commonly Issues Parking Tickets in NYC

There are so many ways that you can get a ticket when parking in NYC. For those who come in periodically, a small fine might not be much, but that is not the case for those who live in or commute to the city daily. Out of all the boroughs that make up New York City, Manhattan is the most densely ticketed place. Some of the most common violations in Manhattan are (as of 2015):

  1. Street cleaning rules (210,000)
  2. Muni-meter (220,000)
  3. Near a hydrant (100,000)
  4. Double parking (200,000)
  5. No Parking zone (140,00)

All the above parking violation are avoidable if the driver is both lucky and aware. First, you must find a legal parking spot, which can be rather difficult in New York City. Second, you must make sure that streets signs allow for legal parking.

Having to do this every day is not a great way to spend time. If you have a car in the city, it is best to consider monthly parking NYC. With a monthly parking spot, you never have to worry about looking for places or coming back to your car with a ticket. We have parking lots and garages throughout NYC, and we offer fair and affordable rates.