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The Problem With DOT Parking Cards

Finding parking in New York City is no easy task. Minimal parking spaces and alternative side parking rules are just a few of the obstacles drivers face when looking for a place to park their vehicle.

The Department of Transportation recently implemented parking cards to try to make this issue a little easier for city drivers.Parking Cards are available for purchase in $20, $50, or $100 denominations and used at street meters and parking lots throughout the five boroughs.

While the parking cards were established to make parking easier, they do come with a host of problems.

The cards can easily be lost, damaged, or stolen. The parking cards are susceptible to damage if they get wet or are exposed to high temperature. The city waives responsibility for cards that become damaged or are lost or stolen.

Additionally, a technical problem could occur with a machine you are trying to use. If grease or other material gets on your card, it makes it more difficult for the machine to read your card.

Drivers with a pre-paid parking card could still find themselves circling blocks looking for a place to park. A parking card does not guarantee a parking spot. Parking lots could still be full.

A private parking garage in NYC is still the best option for drivers who want to ensure they'll always have a parking space available. Going to a private parking garage NYC or autostorage NYC will guarantee a parking spot.