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The Problem with Municipal Parking

Throughout NYC, there are different municipal parking lots that are available to the public. The lots are spread throughout all five boroughs. The NYC DOT created these lots as a means to help citizens find easier parking spots. Despite the fact that the city tried to help car drivers, these municipal lots fall short in many different categories.

The biggest problem with municipal lots is that they are limited throughout the city. You will find these lots, for the most part, near state and federal buildings. There may not be a lot near where you need to be, which will require a long walk, a taxi rides, or train rides.

If you do get lucky, and find a lot near where you need to be, chances are the lot will be filled. This is especially the case when parking during busy times. It is a terrible experience to drive to a lot just to find out it is full.

Another big problem with these lots is that you must pay a meter. First, the meters are expensive. Certain areas in Manhattan charge twenty-five cents for only 15 minutes of time. Not only can this add to a good deal of money, but you must also make sure that the meter is fed (so that you don't get a ticket or towed).

Lastly, there is no security or workers at these lots, so anyone can walk into them. You car is safe, but not as safe as it would be in a private parking garage.  Parking in NYC can be a nightmare. Finding a parking garage in NYC is your best option for safe, inexpensive, and easy parking.