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The True Cost of Free Street Parking in NYC

Parking garage in NYCSpending money on monthly parking in NYC is a great way to save much time while also avoiding tickets, towing, theft, and damage to your car. We have lots and garages throughout NYC, including Upper West and Upper East Side, Morningside Heights, Greenwich Village, and the Lower East Side (please check our website for a full list of our properties throughout New York City). We offer top-quality monthly parking services that are very affordable.

Many individuals choose to park on the street. Yes, they save some money but at what cost?

Most side city streets have alternate side parking rules, which means that parking and standing in certain spots are illegal at certain times. Most times are inconvenient, meaning early and on a weekday. Many individuals must set alarm clocks to wake up and move their car. Because so many people must move vehicles at this time, there tends to be a lack of legal, free spots at this time. It is not uncommon for someone to sit in his or her car waiting for alternate side parking rules to expire for the day.

Our garages and lots are safe, and they are sufficiently insured. When parked on the streets of Manhattan, anything can happen to a car. Kids can lean on it, a bike messenger can scrape it as they ride past, and even other cars can hit it. There is also a small chance of vandalism or theft. In 2014, over 7,000 vehicles were reported stolen. This number is way down from the 1990s, but it is still too many stolen cars.

If you need a safe, convenient, and affordable parking garage in NYC, let us be your first stop. We offer the best discount and monthly parking NYC has.