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Tips for Auto Storage in New York

Parking in a New York City parking garage could cost an arm and a leg if you are not smart about where you are parking. Below, we will be providing a few small tips to try and help you save time and money when parking. Our goal is to offer high-quality parking and affordable prices.

As you bring your car closer to landmarks and accessible areas, parking rates will go up. Consider finding an NYC parking garage in a surrounding neighborhood and then hoping for a quick and easy train.

Avoid flag wavers in the street who try to direct tourists into their lots. They will do this to draw in people who do not know any better, and then they will charge the motorist more money than other lots. You should choose a lot by its pricing, quality, and location. Do not make choices based on flags and bright lights.

Planning for your visit is one of the best things you can do. On our site, we have a full list of our parking lot and parking garages throughout NYC. We also list hours of operation and pricing. You will know you are getting a fair price and that your car will be safe.