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Tips for Avoid Parking Tickets

Parking garage new york cityKnowing about parking rules and regulations in NYC will help you keep your car safe and money in your pocket. The New York City parking authority is known for issuing hefty tickets and for towing cars. NYC is one of the most ticketed cities in the entire United States (when looking at total revenue gain from tickets). If you park on the street, make sure you get the proper information to avoid getting in trouble. This article will go over essential tips and rules for parking a vehicle throughout New York City. Try and avoid street parking, and instead opt for one of our trusted lots or garages.

Considering that there are so many rules, it is easy to get confused. The city does not look favorably upon those fighting tickets, and so most who get tickets will pay. A ticket can be costly. The cheapest parking violations are 60 dollars, which is more expensive than our private parking garages and lots (we don’t give tickets).

If you park on the street legally, but your inspection ticket is out of date, you will be getting a ticket. The NYPD does not check for registration and inspection at our garages and lots

There is a misperception about the appropriate distance between a car and a fire hydrant. The official rule is 15 feet. If you are uncertain if the spot is legal, it is recommended to avoid that spot. Parking close to a hydrant will cost about $115.

When parking on a block that has many signs, you will want to read from top to bottom. It isn’t unusual for individuals to be easily confused by NYC parking signs. These signs are so confusing that the NYC parking authority had to create a website explaining all the confusing language. Please, do not fall victim to these signs because it could potentially get your vehicle towed. Parking at our garages and lots is simple

Our lots are affordable, safe, and located throughout Manhattan. Using our parking garages in NYC allows you to make driving and parking in the city as easy as can be.