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Tips for Dropping off Car at Our Lots

Public parking in NYC can be a nightmare. We want to help you avoid the potential trouble and hassles that come with parking your car on the street. We operate parking garages and lots throughout NYC and the outer boroughs. When bringing your vehicle to our lots or garages, we want you to have the best possible experience. To help you have the best experience, try to follow a few of the below tips.

  • Before driving to the New York, check our website to identify the lot or garage that is closest to your desired destination. While reviewing this information, you can compare rates, hours of operations, and even individual pricing.
  • Before coming to the lot, you may want to briefly call to ensure that the lot you wish to use has availability. You can also pick a secondary lot.
  • Let the attendant know approximately how long you will be parking. This knowledge will let our staff keep your car from inconvenient places.
  • Keeping the driver side part of the car clean can help our attendants move your vehicle more efficiently. Try to tidy up partially before dropping your car off.

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