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Tips for Finding a Parking Garage in NYC

Parking in New York City is never an easy task. You already start off with a limited number of spots. When you find a place to park, be sure to check the signs thoroughly to ensure the spot is a legal one. Many drivers think a spot is legal only to find a parking ticket waiting when they return.

Many city drivers decide to skip the search for a legal parking spot and turn to a parking garage in NYC instead. A parking garage NYC allows drivers to ditch the hassle that finding a spot in the city usually entails. Using the services of an autostorage NYC company ensures that drivers will not get hit with hefty fines for parking illegally.

Parking garages are an easy solution for city drivers but sometimes finding a lot that fits the needs of the driver can be tricky. For many drivers, the price is the deciding factor. The location of the parking garage will determine the prices. Lots closest to tourist attractions will be more money. Additionally, drivers are encouraged to take note of the fine print before deciding on a garage. Many parking garages do not include the 18 percent tax on their advertised prices.

Other drivers say that safety is the biggest priority when choosing a parking garage. Some parking lots will be safer than others. The most reliable parking garages will be well lit and have single car entrances. Also, the exits and entrances should not have any parked cars blocking them.