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Tips for Parking in NYC

When you go to New York City with your car, you should be making a plan. Parking in NYC can be a nightmare if you don't know how to go about finding a spot. Going into the city, unaware of parking regulations, available spots, and good garages, could lead to several bad outcomes. This includes tickets, towing, and even damage to your car. In some rare and extreme cases, cars can even be stolen. Go about making a plan for parking, and you can help to ensure you have a great time in an amazing city.

Once you know where you are going in the city, you can begin to narrow down your parking choices. NYC provides a website that tells the parking regulations for different streets and communities. This allows you to see is when and at what times there is alternate side street parking, as well as when meters are in effect. The site will help you know where you can and if you can park for free, but that doesn't guarantee you a spot. The website is public domain, which means that many people look at it to try and find free parking. Spots are limited, and there is no guarantee that you will find one. Be careful with parking regulations because some signs are confusing and difficult to understand.

Public transportation into the city is amazing, and so this is always an option too. You can park in other boroughs like Staten Island, where parking is more readily available, and take the Staten Island Ferry into the city. There are even trains and buses from North Jersey that you can take into Manhattan as well.  Although these are good options, they do come with drawbacks. The trip into the city will be longer. If you are attending an evening event then trains run less frequently, which will make the trip longer.

Shopping online for a parking garage or lot is another option to consider. Different lots offer different sales and specials depending on the time and day. By shopping online, you can make sure to find a great spot in a great neighborhood. You do have to pay to park, but you are paying for convenience and safety. When you park at a lot, there is no chance for tickets, towing, damage, or theft.

Coming to Manhattan should be a fun experience, so don't let parking bring you down.

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