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Tips for Safe and Inexpensive Garage Parking

Parking in New York City is a difficult task to accomplish as a result of all of the millions of people fighting for a spot; there are a ton of regulations and prohibitions on the city’s streets. If you do find an area to park, it is most likely a garage that you have to pay for. These garages are expensive, but are a great way to avoid hassling for an outdoor parking space. They are also the safest place to store your car as they protect from tickets and theft. This article will help to highlight the most economically efficient ways to park a car in an NYC garage.

Plan ahead to avoid looking for a parking lot
Almost every garage in NYC has a website, and on that website there is often directions and discounts to the lot. If you are driving into the city, and are willing to pay the garage fee, do the research on which garage offers the best price.  Additionally, there are many large companies that own garages around the city. If you are familiar with a company and trust in their staff, try to find a garage that they own in the vicinity that you want to park. By paying for parking online, you can often receive special discounts that allow you to park for less than the advertised street price.

Avoid the Tourist Traps
There are areas of the city that you are guaranteed to spend more money in.  Near the World Trade Center, Times Square, Empire State, and museum districts are guaranteed to cost you more money in parking fees. If you want to go to this area by car, park you vehicle in a garage that is located a few blocks away. Even three or four blocks can make a dramatic difference in terms of savings.

Tip The Valet
If you choose to valet park a vehicle, always make sure to tip the attendant. A few extra dollars can lead to more care and attention on the driver’s behalf. Tips always help in any service based industry, and you can ensure better treatment if you show respect to an attendant.

Find a local garage that you trust

If you drive into the city a lot, it is best to find a garage that you frequent often.  By going to the same lot, you can establish a report between you and the attendants. This will lead to preferential treatment and pay breaks in the future.

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