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Top Features of a Parking Garage


There are a Most people only consider the price associated with parking a car in a parking garage in New York City. This city is infamous for a lack of decent free street parking, and so in many cases it makes a lot of sense to use a parking garage or lot. There are many different prices you can pay throughout the city, and sometimes there are clear reasons why this is the case. There are more things to consider than simply the price posted on the outside of the parking lot or garage. If you take these other things into account, you might opt to pay more money or move to a different parking space. This article will be devoted to discussing other important factor to consider when picking out a parking spot in NYC.

You should distinguish between large companies who have multiple lots/garages, and companies who do not. This isn't to say smaller companies do a bad job, but they do have more to prove. For larger companies, you can rest easy knowing that they do a good job because they have so many locations. Research the smaller companies and read reviews before using them.
You should use a place that makes you comfortable. This can mean a friendly staff, decent lighting, and properly sized spots. You should never leave you car in a place that rubs your the wrong way, even if it costs you more money.

You should consider the location and the stress associated with having to get back to your car. Subways and buses run less frequently as the night progresses, and so getting back to your car can range from annoying to horrible. It is probably worth it to pay a few extra bucks to park closer to where you need to be.

Garages and lots in NYC that cost more usually do so for specific reasons. It could be as a result of location or it could be a result of comfort and amenities that are provided. Again, make sure you park in a place that makes you feel comfortable.

The next time you come to the city with your car, don't simply try and save money while parking your car. Spend a few extra bucks, so that you can ensure a positive parking experience. Parking in NYC can be rough, so park smart.

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