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Try a Long Term Parking Garage

Deciding to keep a car while living in NYC is not an easy thing to consider. There are many perks that are associated with owning a car in NYC, but it seems that there is almost an equal amount problems to be found. Rather than jumping to conclusions about bringing a car to NYC, you should give it a test. You could find a monthly parking garage in NYC, which will allow to test having a car in the city.

Before selling your car, try and live without it. The public transportation system in NYC is extensive, and riding bikes is becoming easier with every day, but those modes of transportation might be conducive to your life style.

Visiting family in outer boroughs and different states is difficult, and vacationing becomes more difficult and expensive. You will be forced to fly more places or pay for expensive train tickets. Even getting around the city late at night can be a hassle because trains and buses run infrequently.

Try living without the car, and if after a month or two you feel you don't need it you can always sell. Selling before you come could be a big mistake if you find yourself desperately missing your car. Find a local long term parking garage in NYC.