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Unpaid Parking Tickets in NYC

Parking tickets are a nuisance. No one likes coming back and finding a ticket on the windshield. However, tickets can become an even bigger problem when not resolved. Unpaid parking tickets can lead to huge problems for drivers.

Parking tickets already come with high fines. Fees not paid within the allotted time could go up. Due to late fees and collection fees, the fines could double or triple.

Ignored parking tickets can result in the court issuing a bench warrant. A bench warrant could lead to serious legal problems. A cop could stop you next time they notice your car on the road because of a bench warrant.

Unpaid parking tickets could also lead to car booting or car towing. This problem could result in a lot more fines than the original parking ticket. If a car is impounded by the authorities, the car owner is responsible for all the fees.

In some cases, unpaid parking tickets can result in license suspension or revocation. Extended unpaid parking tickets will typically lead to a suspended license. Driving around with a suspended license can result in a revocation.

An increased insurance premium is one more consequence of unpaid parking tickets. Car insurance companies determine your premium by determining your level of projected risk. When you receive hefty fines, car insurance companies will view you as a risky customer.

Parking tickets can come with hefty fines. Not paying the parking tickets can lead to significant problems for drivers. Most city drivers will want to avoid having to deal with parking tickets in the first place. Avoid being hit with parking fines by using a parking garage NYC. Utilizing a parking garage in NYC will ensure that your car is parked legally. If you are going away and need to leave your car parked, it is best to use the services of an autostorage NYC.