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What You Need to Know About Parking in NYC

There are many things to factor when parking in NYC considering the confusing parking signs and limited amounts of spaces. Spots can be difficult to come by and can be costly. Additionally, there are many restrictions that make is easy to get ticketed or towed.

Parking on the street can come with hefty fines. If you are in a popular area or driving during an event, finding a legal spot can almost be impossible. When drivers come across an open spot, it is tempting just to take it. However, doing this can come with consequences. If the space is not legal, you will get a ticket.

A ticket for parking in a crosswalk is something that NYC drivers face often. Street markings do not always identify crosswalks. No markings give drivers the illusion that the spot is legal. However, those parked in a crosswalk receive a $115 fine.

Because spots are so hard to come by, many drivers decide to use a parking garage NYC for their needs. While this is a viable option, take note that they can come with hidden fees. Many times, the price advertised does not include tax and tip. Be sure to speak with the attendant before making any decisions.

Discount parking in New York City is available in individual lots throughout the city. Parking during the weekends or late at night typically costs less than parking during peak hours.