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Winter Parking in NYC

It would be hard to find an individual who claims that legally parking a car in NYC is easy. Anyone who has ever brought their vehicle to the city knows that parking will most likely be a nightmare. This applies to those who live in Manhattan and those who come just to visit. On a beautiful fall day parking is hard, and it only gets harder as winter approaches.

During the winter months in NYC, it is not uncommon for large amounts of snow to fall. This snow blocks parking lanes on many city streets, which drastically reduces the number of legal spots available.

If you are lucky enough to find a place before a storm, you might run into a different problem. As plows come to clean streets, they tend to bury cars (making is almost impossible to get it out). Digging out a buried car takes time and lots of energy.

We can help you avoid the troubles that are associated with parking in Manhattan during the cold and snowy winter months. We have parking garages throughout NYC that have both daily and monthly rentals available. We offer discounted parking at many of our locations as well. It is never too cold and snowy for your car if you know where to park. We are here to help.