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Worst Parking in NYC

Recent reports suggest that more tickets are being given to individuals who break parking regulations. This increase in ticketing has hit individuals hard. Last year alone, roughly ten million individual parking tickets were written up. These tickets include expired meters, double-parking, and sitting in no standing zones. Based off of information provided by the NYPD, a clear map appears to us. This maps shows the worst places for parking in NYC (worst in that you are highly likely to receive a ticket).

The two worst areas for parking violations are the Upper East Side and Midtown North. These two areas account for roughly 1/5th of all tickets given last year. Time Square also scored high on the ticket list. These areas have a dense population of police patrolling, and so this allows the NYPD to be vigilant with parking in these areas.

The only areas in Manhattan that have lax parking laws are all north of Central Park. For instance, Inwood and Hudson Heights each had less than 100,000 parking tickets. Even though this number is small compared to other areas of the city, it is still a hefty amount of tickets. Don't let parking in NYC get the best of you.

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