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Worst Street Parking in the U.S.A

When commuting to a major city in the U.S by car, the number one issue a person must solve is the parking problem. This problem encompasses both public and private parking spots. Parking can be expensive, can be hard to find, and can have a time limitations for parking. Driving a car to a city can sometimes ruin an experience, but some people might not have many other options. There are ways that a person can prepare, regardless of city or state, so that their parking experience is as pleasant as possible. Some cities are more notorious for difficult parking, and when traveling to these places, it is important to do more planning. Below, we will be going over a list of the worst cities to park in, and what their problems are.  In order to compile the list, certain factors were looked at, and this includes average price of public and private parking, vehicle theft, and city parking restrictions and regulations.

The city that tops the list is Chicago, Illinois.  Recently, the city has privatized public parking meters, which has led to a good deal of controversy. Once the meters were privatized, fees went up. You can park your car at one of these meters for thirty-five dollars a day. The city has also set up strict and expensive fines for not abiding by all meter laws. The list of fines is so extensive that a website was created to help citizens understand the fines. Not only is parking expensive in Chicago, there is also a high theft rate. The average is slightly above thirty percent.

Another city to avoid with a car is Oakland, California. This city has one of the highest, if not the highest, percentage of car thefts in the entire country. Prices are cheaper for parking in the city, but it can still run a person sixteen dollars a day, and over two hundred dollars a months.

New York City, New York has the strictest and most relentless parking codes and regulations. It is easier to get a ticket or towed in this city than any other city in the country.  This is why a person can find so many different options for a parking garage in New York City. These lots are inexpensive and safe for any driver. Parking in NYC can be a nightmare, but it does not have too.

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