Whether they are doing it on purpose or not, New York City has made street parking difficult and a scarce commodity. Penalties for making mistakes or failing to read signs often come with steep penalties and a lack of forgiveness and understanding. One of the most confusing times in New York City for parking is during a snow emergency. The DOT has put forth specific rules and guidelines that dictate what individuals can and cannot deal with your vehicle while it is snowing.

Auto Storage New York City

When New York City declares an emergency for snow, parking and standing on designated streets is illegal (only designated with small signs). During a snow emergency, you must avoid prohibited shoulders and exit and entrance ramps of expressways/highways.

Certain streets are designated as snow streets, which means that individuals could not operate vehicles on those roadways.

The city would also prefer cars to be equipped with proper snow tires and snow chains when necessary.

Finding a parking spot during this time of year is difficult if possible. To circumvent this issue, you should find the best parking garage New York City has to offer. These garages are well-lit, safe, and often are much warmer than outside. You don’t have to worry about meters or getting snowed in by a plow. Coming to the city during or after a snowstorm can be treacherous. utilizing auto storage in New York City is the means of making that journey safer and ultimately more fun.

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