Driving a car in New York City comes with many challenges. While many enjoy the convenience of having a vehicle, there are things to consider. If you’re looking to move away from crowded trains and buses when traveling to the city, make sure you’re aware of parking rules and regulations.

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Parking Garages in NYC is a great way to avoid the hassles and tickets of street parking.

The city has a ton of rules to follow when it comes to parking. If not followed correctly, you’re likely to go back to expensive tickets on your car. The fines for illegally parking are continually going up. The penalties for violating street cleaning rules recently increased to $65. If you leave your car in an illegal spot, the fines will add up, and eventually, your vehicle will be towed. Prevent this from happening by utilizing our car storage in NYC. When you park your car with us, you know it’s legal.

What is alternate side parking?

The city designates different times and days to clean specific sides of the streets. When it’s that street’s turn for cleaning, no standing is permitted.

Things to consider when dealing with alternate side parking:

  • There is a 5-minute grace period at the start of each street cleaning. If your car is not moved in those five minutes, you’re susceptible to a ticket.
  • Double parking is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not idle. Even if you’re behind the wall, you can get a ticket if your car is on the restricted side of the street.

Auto Storage New York

Avoid getting hit with expensive fines altogether by using our services. We provide the best auto storage New York has to offer.

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