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We are the leaders in auto storage in NYC. Leaving your car in one of our lots ensures you won’t be coming back to fines.

There is a slew of pitfalls when it comes to parking a car in NYC. The NYC DOT is known for making and using parking regulation signs that are not only confusing, but sometimes they are contradictory. The DOT recognizes this fact, and that is why they created a website to explain the signs. More recently, they had a campaign redesign signs to make them easier to understand.

In most cases, the city does not care that a driver made a mistake or misread a sign. They want the money earned from parking tickets. According to the New York Daily News, the city made roughly 545 million dollars in parking fines in 2016.

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Below, we want to go over a few tips to help keep tickets off your car. The easiest and safest way to park a vehicle is with the best auto storage NYC has. For that, you can give us a call!

The city uses specific language to reference parking regulations, and it is the sole responsibility of the driver to know what these words and phrases mean. For instance, throughout the city, drivers will see no stopping, no standing, and no parking. Although the terms are similar, they are different enough to get someone a ticket for making a mistake.

Know which curb cutouts you can park opens up extra spaces. Be careful, because parking in the wrong one will most likely get your car or truck towed. Do not park in front of active curb cutouts.

Monthly Parking in NYC

Parking in NYC is difficult because of a lack of space, confusing signs, and expensive meters. Consider monthly parking in NYC instead, Our monthly parking in new york is affordable and accessible.

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