Of all the parking rules and regulations that individuals come across when bringing their vehicles to NYC, none is more annoying than alternate side parking (ASP). Although alternate side parking rules are relatively straight forward, they are confusing because regulations change from block to block and from Ave to Ave. The days and times vary depending on where you are trying to park your car. Learning about the specifics of ASP rules helps to ensure you do not get a parking ticket or towed in Manhattan. Avoid annoying alternate side parking rules by using the best auto storage NYC can offer you.

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There are three types of alternate side parking signs. Each sign has slightly different rules, so it is crucial never to assume what a sign says.

  1. One-day alternate side parking – streets will be cleaned once a week 
  2. Two-day alternate side parking – streets will be cleaned twice a week
  3. Three-day alternate side parking – streets are cleaned three times a week

Signs indicate which days and times you cannot park on that side of the street. For instance, if alternate side parking regulations do not allow you to park on Mondays between 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM on the left side of the street, then the right side of the road will allow for parking at those times. As the name suggests, you can park on the alternate side of the street when you can’t park on the other.

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To avoid the hassles and stress of alternate side parking, you should instead hire the best car storage NYC has to offer you.

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