Anyone that has ever driven their car to NYC understands just how confusing street parking signs are to read. They come in different colors, there is a confusing language, and often multiple signs are grouped together. When a person misreads a sign, they do not get a pass or a second chance. Instead, they get a parking ticket and a towed car. The DOT of NYC has created a website to help drivers more clearly understand the signs, which should be a comment on how difficult they are to read. Below, we want to highlight a few tips for reading NYC parking signs, but all the hassle, frustration, and wasted time can be avoided by using the best car storage NYC has to offer.

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White parking is meant to restrict parking for limited and designated periods. For instance, they often read no parking between x and y. This color is used to designate alternate side parking rules and indicate the type of vehicle authorized to park in those areas.

Red parking signs are meant to indicate the most severe restrictions for no parking, no stopping, and no standing rules. Red signs also have the harshest time restrictions. Often when you see a red sign, it lets individuals know that they won’t find a long-term parking spot. With car storage NYC, the amount you spend in a spot is never an issue.

Green signs indicate that there is metered parking in that area. Sometimes, meters are only enforced during designated hours, but some areas in the city require a meter to be fed 24/7. As mentioned above, if you misread a sign or get back to your car 5-minutes after the meter runs out, you will have to pay the consequences.

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