COVID-19 has changed almost every part of our lives, including how we park our car in NYC. Many individuals refuse to come to the city because they do not think it is safe to park. At GMC Parking, we work tirelessly to ensure that our parking garages and lots are the safest in the city. Coming to New York City is safe when you do it correctly, and with the help of our parking attendants and disinfected facilities, you can make that possible. Reach out to us for the best auto storage NYC has to offer.

Car Storage NYC
Car Storage in New York, Avoid tickets altogether by opting for parking lots and garages.

What are we doing to keep you safe?

We have upped our cleaning and disinfecting regiment. We recognize that the old cleanliness levels are no longer enough to keep people safe from harmful viruses. Our facilities are disinfected at least once a day.

We offer contactless parking meaning that at many of our lots, you can park your car. You do not need to stop for an attendant. In cases where a parking attendant is necessary, all our employees wear gloves and masks. We care about the health of our employees and the customers who use our garages and lots.

While out of your car, we ask that you please wear a mask. We all must do our fair share to keep people safe, so when walking from your car to the exit, or vice versa, please keep your mask up.

Auto Storage NYC

It is safe to come to the city with your car if you find and use the best auto storage NYC has to offer. Park safe and have a great time!

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