So you want a night out in the city and have decided to use your car to get there? While public transportation is excellent in the city, many still choose to drive in for convenience. The one big downside to driving your car to the city is finding parking. The spots are limited, and many come with multiple restrictions. 

Car Storage in NYC

It may be tempting to think you’ll find a spot on the street when visiting the city. In a less crowded area or non-peak hours, this may be possible. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to park where you’d like when heading to the city for a special event. The city is already congested with people and vehicles and becomes more so during peak hours. 

The best place to park when driving into the city is a parking garage. Our parking garages are a safe and reliable option. Don’t worry about figuring out the confusing street parking signs on every block. You’ll know your car is secure and legally parked if you leave it with us. 

We’re not just here for one-day events either. We offer various parking options, from monthly to daily rates, for those who need to use a parking garage frequently. These options are excellent for those who work or live in the city but want to keep their car.

Are you going away for a while and need a place to keep your car? Due to street cleaning rules, leaving your car on the street for an extended period is not an option. We offer the best auto storage in NYC for extended stays. 

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