Parking Garage NYCDriving and parking in New York City is incredibly difficult. There are so many rules and regulations that it’s easy to make a mistake and park somewhere you shouldn’t. Almost every block in the city has multiple signs. These signs can often get confusing, with varying dates and times indicating when parking is prohibited. It’s not uncommon to return to your car after a long day in the city to tickets on your windshield. That can quickly ruin a good day. Avoid costly tickets by using the best parking garage NYC offers. When you park your car in our lots, you’re ensuring your car is parked safely and legally!

So what happens if you do get a parking violation? Can you dispute it? There are options to fight a parking ticket to get the fine reduced or waived altogether. You can dispute a parking ticket online, by mail, or in person. If you choose to fight, you must request a hearing within thirty days after the ticket was issued.

Make sure you have all documentation prepared before you begin the fight. Photos are great evidence, but you must be able to prove the date and time they were taken. Include a letter stating your case and why you think the ticket should be waived. Details on how to dispute the fine will be on the back of your ticket.

While there are ways to dispute a parking ticket, winning is not easy. It’s best to avoid getting a parking violation in the first place by using the best parking garage NYC offers.

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