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Parking in New York City comes with many rules. There are alternate side parking rules and meters on almost every street. Each block comes with its own set of rules. One area that has specific rules is a school zone.

If you’re thinking about parking in a school zone, you’ll want to avoid getting any tickets. There are things you’ll need to keep in mind.

The only time one can park in a school zone is while school is in recess. However, it’s not always easy to know when school is out. You would think the summers or holidays are safe bets. Unfortunately, there are times when certain activities are held, or professional development is occurring in the school. If teachers are present, even with students at home, parking is suspended.

If you’re thinking about parking in a school zone, we suggest contacting the school to ensure it’s legal. Call 311 and request the “Find a School” service. Once you talk with the school, ask if any activities or meetings are happening that day.

What about double parking? Only double park in a school zone during an emergency pickup. If you’re called to pick up a student during a medical emergency, you may be able to fight a ticket for double parking.

Car Storage NYC

The best way to avoid dealing with parking tickets is to utilize parking garages in NYC. Using one of our lots ensures your car is safely secured, and you won’t come back to a ticket. We also specialize in car storage NYC for long term parking.

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