Many New Yorkers opt to do away with a car entirely because of the hassles of street parking. Many feel it’s better to rely on public transportation. However, many tourists and city dwellers still choose to drive to the city in their vehicles. 

Parking Garages NYC

If you insist on driving into the city and want to find street parking, know that you are climbing an uphill battle. Available spots are hard to come by, and many of them come with restrictions. If you want to park on the street, be realistic about where you look. If you’re coming in for a show, know that you’re unlikely to find a spot in the theater district. Search for spots on the outskirts of the city or drive around neighborhoods. In both of these areas, you’re more likely to find street parking. 

You may attempt street parking and quickly realize that it’s not worth the hassle. Think of all the time and gas you’ll be spending driving around looking for parking. You do not want to miss your event because you couldn’t find parking. Additionally, due to all the rules for street parking, many individuals find parking tickets on their cars upon returning. 

The number one way to avoid the hassles of NYC street parking is by utilizing a parking garage. Many parking garages allow you to reserve a spot online hours before you arrive, ensuring you’ll have a spot waiting for you. Parking garages ensure your car is parked legally.  Aside from daily and monthly parking, we also specialize in car storage in NYC.

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