When we commute to NYC, we often do so with the feeling of joy. There might be a show to see, a party to attend, or a great restaurant to eat at. All the hope and joy for a day in one of the world’s biggest cities can quickly come crashing down when a parking spot cannot be found. If you poll most drivers, they claim that parking in NYC is the worst part of driving and owning a car. Even residents of Manhattan often benefit from monthly car storage. Legal street parking is hard to come by, and those spots are becoming harder to find with each passing month.

Car Storage NYC

Why is city parking becoming more difficult?

  1. For better or worse, City officials are removing public parking spots for other city amenities. The Citi bike program continues to expand, which takes away parking spaces. Restaurants are opening outdoor dining spaces, significantly cutting into parking spots.
  2. More drivers are coming into the city, which means that competition for spots is becoming more and more fierce. It is not uncommon to watch a spot get scooped up by another eager driver.
  3. City walking spaces are becoming popular. What started as a small program in time square is expanding throughout the city. Pedestrians value these spaces as a place to comfortably walk and congregate, but drivers miss the old amount of parking spaces.

Using a parking garage NYC helps eliminate the stress, hassle, and anxiety of parking a car in Manhattan. Make sure you plan for your next trip.

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