Car Storage NYC

Owning a car in NYC is more complicated than owning a car in most other towns and cities. It’s unlikely that your home will come with a garage, and leaving your car on the street for an extended period is often not an option. With street cleaning regulations, you will find you have to move your car weekly to avoid fines or being towed.  One of the best options for someone who owns a car in NYC is monthly storage. 

One of the biggest restraints when it comes to storing a car in NYC is the price. Price varies greatly depending on where you store your car for the month. Some may pay as little as $100 a month, while others may pay more than $1,000. Parking units in the Upper East Side and Upper West Side can go up to $1,000, while monthly parking in the Queens ranges from $100 to $300. If you can be flexible with your location, you will be able to save yourself a few hundred dollars every month. 

Auto Storage New York City

Another excellent way to save money on monthly storage is to use the space only when you need it. Work with the owners to decide when you would like to store your car. If you only need storage while working, consider renting a space just during business hours. You can also buy a spot to use weekends and nights only. 

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If you are serious about avoiding fines and ensuring your car is safely stored, give us a call for the best car storage NYC has to offer. We will work with you to arrange a plan that best fits your needs.