Many drives come to the city and avoid parking garages and lots at all costs. They often claim that an NYC parking garage is too expensive and that street parking is a better option. It only takes one accident to happen for a person to realize that the small fee a garage asks for is worth it.

Parking Garage NYC

A parking garage is safe, meaning that your car is less likely to be damaged and stolen. Although the car theft rate has been going down nationally, over 200 cars were reported stolen throughout NYC in 2019. Although the likelihood of theft is minimal, it can still happen. Compared to other cities like Los Angeles, Houston, and Philadelphia, New York has the highest theft rates.

When parked on a city street, anything can happen to a car. Individuals can use your hood as a seat, or a biker can take off your side-view mirror as they carelessly race down the street. It is common for individuals to return to their car to find dents and scratches. When you are parking in the best car storage NYC has to offer, your car remains just the way you left it. If the parking attendant has an accident, you can rest easy knowing the garage is insured and help financially responsible.

Getting a parking ticket is annoying and expensive. In worst-case scenarios, your vehicle could be towed, and you will be responsible for hundreds of dollars in fines and taxes. Not only is a parking garage in NYC safe, but it is also cheaper than getting a ticket or towed.

Car Storage NYC

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