Many New Yorkers opt to do away with a car entirely because of the hassles of street parking. Many feel it’s better to rely on public transportation. However, many tourists and city dwellers still choose to drive to the city in their vehicles. 

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If you insist on driving into the city and want to find street parking, know that you are climbing an uphill battle. Available spots are hard to come by, and many of them come with restrictions. If you want to park on the street, be realistic about where you look. If you’re coming in for a show, know that you’re unlikely to find a spot in the theater district. Search for spots on the outskirts of the city or drive around neighborhoods. In both of these areas, you’re more likely to find street parking. 

You may attempt street parking and quickly realize that it’s not worth the hassle. Think of all the time and gas you’ll be spending driving around looking for parking. You do not want to miss your event because you couldn’t find parking. Additionally, due to all the rules for street parking, many individuals find parking tickets on their cars upon returning. 

The number one way to avoid the hassles of NYC street parking is by utilizing a parking garage. Many parking garages allow you to reserve a spot online hours before you arrive, ensuring you’ll have a spot waiting for you. Parking garages ensure your car is parked legally.  Aside from daily and monthly parking, we also specialize in car storage in NYC.

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Driving in NYC can be rather tricky. There are many things every driver should be aware of, from where to legally park to how to navigate the road safely. Let’s go over the things that every driver in NYC needs to know. 

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Know the Rules of the Road:

  • Don’t Block the Box – You’ll often see this sign at traffic lights warning you not to get stuck in the intersection when the light turns red. 
  • Cell Phone Use – The use of your cell phone while driving in NYC is strictly prohibited and will result in a fine. 
  • Beware of Pedestrians – Pedestrians in NYC are not afraid of jaywalking. Always keep an eye out for people whether or not you’re at a crosswalk. 
  • Road Signs – The streets of NYC are littered with various road signs. Many signs prevent you from making a left turn at certain times of the day. 

While it’s essential to understand the rules of the road, the trickiest part of driving in NYC is parking. There are so many rules when it comes to parking in the city. Finding street parking is incredibly difficult, especially if you’re looking during peak hours. Avoid parking tickets by storing your car in a parking garage. 

We have affordable and safe parking garages throughout the city. When you use one of our lots, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t return to any fines or a towed vehicle. We can also help with long-term parking as we offer the best auto storage in NYC

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Anyone that has ever driven their car to NYC understands just how confusing street parking signs are to read. They come in different colors, there is a confusing language, and often multiple signs are grouped together. When a person misreads a sign, they do not get a pass or a second chance. Instead, they get a parking ticket and a towed car. The DOT of NYC has created a website to help drivers more clearly understand the signs, which should be a comment on how difficult they are to read. Below, we want to highlight a few tips for reading NYC parking signs, but all the hassle, frustration, and wasted time can be avoided by using the best car storage NYC has to offer.

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White parking is meant to restrict parking for limited and designated periods. For instance, they often read no parking between x and y. This color is used to designate alternate side parking rules and indicate the type of vehicle authorized to park in those areas.

Red parking signs are meant to indicate the most severe restrictions for no parking, no stopping, and no standing rules. Red signs also have the harshest time restrictions. Often when you see a red sign, it lets individuals know that they won’t find a long-term parking spot. With car storage NYC, the amount you spend in a spot is never an issue.

Green signs indicate that there is metered parking in that area. Sometimes, meters are only enforced during designated hours, but some areas in the city require a meter to be fed 24/7. As mentioned above, if you misread a sign or get back to your car 5-minutes after the meter runs out, you will have to pay the consequences.

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If you could make a choice between street parking and garage parking in NYC, which would you choose? For some reason, when asking this question, individuals lean towards street parking. When further asked why the number one response is savings. Many individuals are under the impression that street parking is free, but that is not always the case.

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We offer car storage NYC, monthly parking new york and auto storage in NYC for your parking needs. The best car storage New York has prevented waste time.

How much is your time worth?

Parking on the street can be free, but that is only if you find a free spot in the area you are looking. Often, parking entails circling a block for some time to park nowhere near your location. You will either have to walk, hop on the subway, or hail a cab. Our parking garages are located throughout the city, and so you can find a garage right where you need.

Where are you parking?

Certain areas in NYC do not offer free parking. You encounter no parking, standing, and stopping signs, plus expensive parking meters. In some places, you can spend over $5.00 an hour to park. You might find a great spot, but the cost of metered parking is sometimes more than a private parking garage.

What is the cost of repairs and tickets?

Few individuals are not, at least sometimes, confused by street parking signs in NYC. Even those that live in New York often get confused, and unfortunately, when this happens, the city likes to punish drivers. The cost of tickets and impound fees greatly exceed the price of the best parking garage NYC has to offer. Parking on the street also leaves your car exposed to danger which includes damage and theft. A parking garage NYC offers safety and a convenient place to park.

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There are so many individuals that come to NYC with their vehicle and never think twice about the best parking garage NY has to offer. For some reason, street parking seems to hold an allure over people even though street parking in NYC ranges between being dangerous and a nightmare. Of course, some get lucky and have a pleasant experience finding free street parking, but that is not the common trend.

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The odds of finding a free spot in a location you need is a rarity (unless parking in a very specific area at an even more specific time). Millions of people live in Manhattan and millions of more commute in for work and pleasure daily (including the weekend). The city and the DOT have actively worked to reduce the number of legal parking spots in the city, and instead, they opt for bike lanes, walking streets, and outdoor dining. With each passing year, street parking becomes that much more difficult. How much is your time worth? Car storage in NYC can save you a lot of time and hassle.

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One of the most exciting things about being in Manhattan is that the city never sleeps, meaning people are always out doing something. Because of all the traffic between pedestrians, bikes, e-scooters, and other cars, a parked car is subject to accidents and damage. It is common for bike riders to knock off a side-view mirror accidentally, and because they can move so quickly, they rarely stick around to find the owner. Car storage NYC costs more than free, street parking, but how much would you pay to ensure your car is not bumped, dinged, or scratched?

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