COVID-19 has changed almost every part of our lives, including how we park our car in NYC. Many individuals refuse to come to the city because they do not think it is safe to park. At GMC Parking, we work tirelessly to ensure that our parking garages and lots are the safest in the city. Coming to New York City is safe when you do it correctly, and with the help of our parking attendants and disinfected facilities, you can make that possible. Reach out to us for the best auto storage NYC has to offer.

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What are we doing to keep you safe?

We have upped our cleaning and disinfecting regiment. We recognize that the old cleanliness levels are no longer enough to keep people safe from harmful viruses. Our facilities are disinfected at least once a day.

We offer contactless parking meaning that at many of our lots, you can park your car. You do not need to stop for an attendant. In cases where a parking attendant is necessary, all our employees wear gloves and masks. We care about the health of our employees and the customers who use our garages and lots.

While out of your car, we ask that you please wear a mask. We all must do our fair share to keep people safe, so when walking from your car to the exit, or vice versa, please keep your mask up.

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It is safe to come to the city with your car if you find and use the best auto storage NYC has to offer. Park safe and have a great time!

After making a successful trip to NYC in a car or van, a person feels like they truly accomplished something. Once you have driven and parked in NYC, you can practically do it anywhere in the world. Between the heavy amounts of pedestrians, bikes, and car traffic, there is a lot a person must always be aware of. Learning some tips and tricks for parking and driving goes a long way in easing the tension and difficulty of bringing a car to Manhattan.

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Circling the block does not always work. It is rare to come to NYC and find a spot right away. If you do, make sure to cherish that moment because they are few and far between. When you circle the block, you waste gas and run the risk of damaging your car. In many cases, you’ll give up a spot because you were moving and missed it. You can sit by a hydrant for up to 15 minutes. In that time, you might get lucky and find a spot that opens. Regardless of how you find a spot, it is typically stressful. Use the best parking garage NYC has to offer to avoid this hassle.

Do not just park at the first NYC parking garage you see. The rates of a parking garage NYC are often based on the area in which they are located. If you are willing to walk a few blocks or even take the subway one or two stops, you can drastically reduce the parking garage cost in NYC.

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Bringing a car to NYC is challenging enough, so why would anyone want to suffer through that five-days a week? It is one thing to drive into Manhattan periodically, but you must reconsider your daily parking routine when you live in the city with a car. If you live in the city and own a car, you should strongly consider the best monthly parking Manhattan has to offer.

NYC streets are notoriously bad for street parking, and things keep getting worse. The city has slowly been expanding bike lanes and bike-sharing programs, which have significantly cut into legal parking spots. Between the shrinking amount of parking spots and an excessive number of parking rules and regulations, parking on the street is becoming more difficult.

If you only do a cursory search for monthly parking, you may find that the prices near your apartment are higher than you’d hoped. To get the best price on monthly parking in NYC, you need to be flexible with where you park and the amount of parking you need. Look into different neighborhoods because each area has different rates. Find the best monthly parking for your needs.

Your car is much safer parking in a garage than on a city street. Because of all the traffic, bicycles, and pedestrians, much can happen to your vehicle when it is not watched. It is common to come back to a car to find dents, bumps, and scratches.

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For more information on car storage NYC, you should not hesitate to give us a call.

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Parking a car in NYC is not always easy. Between the traffic, parking laws, and limited amount of street parking, it is only a matter of time before someone goes crazy. Certain times of the year are even more difficult, such as the winter holiday season. From Thanksgiving until a few days after New Years’, New York City streets are hectic and overrun. The Department of Transportation of NYC has even created special parking rules for this time of year. The more you know about holiday parking regulations, the less stress you experience. Using the best parking garage NYC has eliminates the stress and hassle of parking your car.

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On major legal holidays, alternate side parking rules are not in effect, and meters are not enforced. It is important to note that all stopping, standing, and no parking signs are still effective. A vehicle gets a ticket or towed if it illegally stops in these spots, so if you see these signs make sure you keep moving. The best parking garage NYC has to offer allows you to avoid the troubles of reading street signs and finding a spot.

On other legal holidays, most rules and meters are in effect. Only alternate side parking rules do not need to be followed. Make sure to follow all other rules during these times.

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When traveling to NYC, you can first call 311 to get a parking report for the day. If you are ever confused with parking rules, you should always play it safe. Illegally parking a car in NYC can be a small fine, but it can also end up costing hundreds of dollars.

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Many drives come to the city and avoid parking garages and lots at all costs. They often claim that an NYC parking garage is too expensive and that street parking is a better option. It only takes one accident to happen for a person to realize that the small fee a garage asks for is worth it.

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A parking garage is safe, meaning that your car is less likely to be damaged and stolen. Although the car theft rate has been going down nationally, over 200 cars were reported stolen throughout NYC in 2019. Although the likelihood of theft is minimal, it can still happen. Compared to other cities like Los Angeles, Houston, and Philadelphia, New York has the highest theft rates.

When parked on a city street, anything can happen to a car. Individuals can use your hood as a seat, or a biker can take off your side-view mirror as they carelessly race down the street. It is common for individuals to return to their car to find dents and scratches. When you are parking in the best car storage NYC has to offer, your car remains just the way you left it. If the parking attendant has an accident, you can rest easy knowing the garage is insured and help financially responsible.

Getting a parking ticket is annoying and expensive. In worst-case scenarios, your vehicle could be towed, and you will be responsible for hundreds of dollars in fines and taxes. Not only is a parking garage in NYC safe, but it is also cheaper than getting a ticket or towed.

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For more information about the best car storage NYC has to offer, you should not hesitate to give us a call.

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