With many cars on the street, parking in NYC is a challenge. When you add all the rules and regulations, it becomes almost impossible. One of the most common parking regulations in NYC is alternate side parking. All of the rules will sometimes discourage someone from driving into the city. Consider using us for the best parking garage NYC offers to make things less complicated. We also specialize in car storage in Manhattan.

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If you are not a native New Yorker, alternate side parking (ASP) may be foreign to you. ASP is designed to keep the streets of New York clean. During a specific time and day, cars are not allowed to park on the street, so the Department of Sanitation can conduct street cleaning drives. Alternate side parking happens one to two times a week in all five boroughs.

Alternate side parking is in effect all year round. It is suspended during holidays or special events. If the city recently experienced a severe storm, ASP may be suspended for several days. However, if you see an alternate side parking sign, assume the rules are in effect. Those who violate ASP signage will be met with hefty fines and may have their car towed.

The Department of Transportation has an online map highlighting alternate side parking. This map will indicate the days and times parking is unavailable on a given street. The best way to avoid tickets and the headache of dealing with alternate side parking is to use a parking garage in NYC.

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After a long dreary winter, New Yorkers want to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Spring and summer are a time to get out and enjoy all that the city offers. If you’re preparing to take your car to these activities, consider using a parking garage in NYC.

Parking in New York City

Parking in NYC is always complicated, but it can become more difficult in the spring and summer. The warmer weather attracts more locals and tourists to the city, resulting in more cars on the road and fewer available parking spots. If you’re headed to a popular destination, such as Central Park on a sunny spring day, prepare to drive around looking for parking.

Drivers are not the only ones snatching up available parking spaces. Restaurants will also eliminate ample parking space as the warmer weather brings the return of outdoor dining. Many restaurants have set up al fresco dining on the street. While this is a great addition to the city, it can be frustrating for drivers.

The city streets are filled with parking signs indicating when you can and cannot legally park. The summer adds to the confusion when parking near a school. The streets surrounding a school building will have signage indicating that you cannot park during certain hours when school is in session. Many assume that they can legally park in these spots during the summer. However, this is not always the case, as the school may still be open for summer sessions.

When driving to the city during the spring and summer, it’s best to use a parking garage to avoid hassles. We offer the best parking garage in NYC, and we also specialize in the best car storage Manhattan has to offer.

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Many individuals take their vehicles to New York City thinking that they will find an available street parking spot or an affordable parking garage right where they need it. Experienced New York City drivers know that that is not the case, and in fact, parking in New York City is one of the worst things a driver can do. Things can get so confusing and frustrating that people choose to never drive to the city, which is not a viable option. Why deprive yourself of a great day in Manhattan?

By learning a bit about New York City parking and some of the tips for securing a space, you can make sure that parking is not an issue or a hassle.

Parking in New York City

It would help if you always give yourself extra time when coming to Manhattan or the surrounding boroughs with a car. Between ever-changing traffic patterns and mass congestion, you are likely to hit traffic even during the day. What may only appear to be a quick 5-mile ride can often take over an hour in the worst of conditions. Make sure to give yourself sufficient time to safely and comfortably get where you need.

Know the costs associated with parking before you leave. Parking lots and garages often charge depending on the size of the vehicle, so you should do determine if you have an oversized vehicle. Those who own SUVs and minivans often get confused about which qualifies as oversized. Getting an idea of how much money parking will cost beforehand takes away the stress and anxiety of finding an affordable garage. You drive around aimlessly when you do this on short notice and eventually park in an expensive lot. The more you plan, the more you can save at a parking garage in New York City. If you feel generous, you can even factor in a tip for the service.

When parking at a garage in NYC, be expected to be met by a valet parking attendant. Often, individuals drop their car off at the main entrance, and then the attendant safely parks the car. Because this is the case, you want to ensure that your car is clean and ready to go, or at least the driver’s side. Making a smooth transition from dropping off a car to being on your way keeps everybody happy

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The best auto storage New York City offers is designed for both short and long-term parking. Most individuals in New York City use garages and parking lots hourly or overnight. Although these are often what many parking garages are used for, they are also used for long-term auto storage. Monthly and seasonal storage options are available with NYC’s best auto storage.

Auto storage in New York City

All drivers benefit from auto storage in New York City, but there are several things you can do to make the experience better.

first, you need to find the best parking garage for you, which should have you focusing on location and pricing. Parking prices typically change as you move through different city areas, which means that getting storage in a less traffic neighborhood can be more affordable than parking in midtown Manhattan.

Next, you want to make sure your car is prepared for this type of storage. You can do several things to ensure your car remains in Tiptop shape even though it is not being used.

If you use an outdoor parking lot, you want to keep the car covered. Often, individuals will have their car cleaned immediately before parking, and then once parked, they will put a cover on top of it. This ensures that it will look pristine and clean when an individual gets back to their car.

When storing a car for more than 30 days, it is advisable to go for an oil change before storing the car. Ensuring that the car is lubricated while in storage ensures that all the parts run smoothly when you get back. If you are only storing a car for a week or so, you do not need to change the oil  

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Whether they are doing it on purpose or not, New York City has made street parking difficult and a scarce commodity. Penalties for making mistakes or failing to read signs often come with steep penalties and a lack of forgiveness and understanding. One of the most confusing times in New York City for parking is during a snow emergency. The DOT has put forth specific rules and guidelines that dictate what individuals can and cannot deal with your vehicle while it is snowing.

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When New York City declares an emergency for snow, parking and standing on designated streets is illegal (only designated with small signs). During a snow emergency, you must avoid prohibited shoulders and exit and entrance ramps of expressways/highways.

Certain streets are designated as snow streets, which means that individuals could not operate vehicles on those roadways.

The city would also prefer cars to be equipped with proper snow tires and snow chains when necessary.

Finding a parking spot during this time of year is difficult if possible. To circumvent this issue, you should find the best parking garage New York City has to offer. These garages are well-lit, safe, and often are much warmer than outside. You don’t have to worry about meters or getting snowed in by a plow. Coming to the city during or after a snowstorm can be treacherous. utilizing auto storage in New York City is the means of making that journey safer and ultimately more fun.

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