Nothing can ruin a day more than coming back to your car to discover you’ve gotten a ticket. There are many reasons to get a ticket in NYC, and the fees vary greatly. The parking ticket price depends on what you did wrong and the location of the violation. Some violations will cost you up to $115!

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There are many rules to follow when it comes to parking in NYC. It’s difficult to keep track of everything. Below are just some of the many violations that may lead to a parking ticket:

  • Parking longer than the allowed time
  • Parking less than fifteen feet from a fire hydrant
  • Not displaying a paid receipt in your windshield when in metered parking
  • Parking during street cleaning days
  • Blocking an intersection or crosswalk

One must be diligent to avoid tickets when parking in NYC. There are many rules to follow, and it’s easy to make mistakes. To avoid a parking ticket, utilize the following tips:

  • Triple check the time limit on your meter
  • Read all the signs carefully and follow the most restrictive one
  • Park more than 15 feet from a hydrant
  • Make sure you’re not parked within a crosswalk or bike lane
  • Understand the meanings of parking signage, such as no stopping and no standing

The number one way to prevent a parking ticket is to utilize a parking garage in NYC. Using one of our parking garages will ensure you’re parking legally and won’t have to worry about a ticket. We can also help with long-term parking as we specialize in car storage in NYC.

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So, you’re all set for a fun weekend of activities in NYC, but then you realize that you need to navigate your commute. How are you going to get to your destination? If you decide to drive your car, finding a parking spot is sure to be an issue. It’s no secret that parking in NYC is not easy. There’s the option of parking on the street or utilizing a parking garage in NYC. Both options come with pros and cons.

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Finding street parking on the weekends is slightly more accessible than during the weekday. There are fewer restrictions as alternate street parking does not occur on the weekend, and many street signs don’t allow parking Monday through Friday. Additionally, many metered spots are suspended on Sundays. However, it’s not easy to find a legal spot. You may still find yourself circling the area to find parking.

Before you park your car, read all the signs to make sure you’re parking legally. After your fun day of activities, the last thing you want is to come back to a parking ticket or a towed car. A towed car is extra detrimental on the weekend as you may have to wait until the weekday to pick up your car.

Street parking in NYC is brutal. You don’t want to ruin a fun weekend by struggling to find parking. A parking garage in NYC is an excellent option to avoid these hassles. Parking in a garage eliminates the stress and ensures you’re parked legally. We have the best and most convenient parking garages in NYC. We also specialize in car storage in NYC.

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When using a car storage in NYC, parking is one of the biggest issues you will face. Between all the rules and regulations, finding a legal parking spot seems next to impossible. That’s where a parking garage comes into play. Parking garages are a great way to secure your car and avoid hefty fines. But they can be tricky. We’re going to help with some tips for using a parking garage in NYC

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The first step is finding the right garage for your needs. There are plenty of lots throughout NYC, but they are not created equal. Some lots will be smaller than others. We suggest finding a larger lot as there is more guarantee they’ll have space to house your vehicle. Large capacity lots can often store up to two hundred cars at one time, while smaller lots fit less than one hundred cars. 

There will also be the decision between an indoor or outdoor lot. If you are parking for a significant amount of time, we suggest going for an indoor lot. Leaving your car in an outdoor lot for an extended period makes it susceptible to the elements such as rain, wind, heat, and snow. Additionally, the time to retrieve your car is often longer when parked in an outdoor lot versus an indoor one. 

You have a lot of options when parking in NYC. It’s important to understand them. If you are considering leaving your car in a lot for an extended period, consider utilizing us for car storage in NYC.

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Are you moving to NYC and don’t know what to do with your car? Living in NYC is different from living in most places, and considerations must be made for vehicles before coming. To put it simply, living in NYC with a car can be difficult and frustrating. Amongst all the problems, three are the biggest to worry about. These include:
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  1. Parking
  2. Damage to vehicle
  3. Theft of vehicle

The City counts on parking violations to occur because of all the tax and ticket money they make. Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs are known not to overturn tickets, meaning that most people that get one end up paying. The rules for parking are confusing, and they are different from block to block and avenue to avenue. It is the driver’s responsibility to read signs carefully. This can be avoided with monthly parking in NYC.

Millions of people live in Manhattan and millions more commute in and out every day for work. The sidewalks are littered with pedestrians, and the streets filled with bikes, skateboarders, and cars. It is not uncommon for people to park their vehicle and to then come back and find their car dented, scratched, or without one rear view mirror. A parking garage in NYC will keep your car safe.

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Although car theft is down in NYC from a few decades ago, it is a problem that still occurs. There are few worse experiences a person can have than waking up to find their car has been stolen. By taking several precautions, it is possible to prevent this from happening.

If you need a car in NYC, be smart about it! Our parking garages also come in handy if you’re going to be away for an extended period. Car storage NYC ensures your car is safe and secure, no matter how long you’ll be away.

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The best way to avoid dealing with parking tickets is to utilize parking garages in NYC, We offer car storage NYC, monthly parking new york and auto storage in NYC for your parking needs.

Most people would argue that parking a car on the streets of NYC is usually challenging and frustrating. Between the confusing parking signs, expensive parking rates, and a slew of other parking problems, it is no wonder why so many car owners in NYC pay for monthly parking NYC.

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There is a limited amount of free public parking in NYC, All the pain, misery, and hassle can go away with the best car storage in NYC.

Beyond learning the confusing signs posted by NYC’s DOT, a person should also attempt to familiarize themselves with the annual New York City parking calendar. In Manhattan, it is the responsibility of the driver to know their rights. If they mess up, they are subject to tickets or towing.

One of the easiest ways to avoid the two above problems is to find a parking garage in NYC that will keep your car safe and without a ticket. The costs associated with parking pale in comparison to the amount of money needed to get a car back after being towed. The other option is to be smart and to hope for the best.

There are many parking holidays throughout the years. Many are obvious, like New Years Day, Passover (night 1 and 2), and Independence Day. Less known holidays include:

  • Three Kings Day
  • Shemini Atzereth
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Simchas Torah

Just like DOT signs, there are everyday things people get confused with. Different holidays have different parking rules, meaning a person must know the specifics of the holiday. Christmas Day has “Major Legal Holiday Rules in Effect,” which means that most signs, like meters and alternate parking are not in effect. Be careful of signs that say no standing anytime, because some signs are still active.

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Some holidays, like The Feast of the Assumption, only have alternate side parking regulations suspended. All other signs are active. Considering how confusing and scarce this information is, it is almost as if the City wants to give out parking tickets. Park safely!

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