Car Storage Manhattan

Parking in New York City recently became more difficult. Alternate side parking rules were put on hold during the pandemic, but they recently returned. While the return will result in cleaner streets, it will make parking more difficult for car owners. Alternate side parking sets aside various times and days of the week where parking is prohibited. Outside of this window, you can park free of charge. However, your car must be moved during cleaning times, or you will be fined.

If this sounds daunting, that’s because it is. Many New Yorkers dread alternate side parking as it makes owning a car in New York City that much harder. The ticket for not following the rules is $65. To get around this, some New Yorkers will sit in their car during the cleaning hours and then reclaim their spot when it’s done. Doing this is a waste of time and gas.

Since parking on street cleaning blocks is free and legal outside the designated times, many New Yorkers will refuse to move their car between cleaning times. This makes owning a car pointless as it’s not being used.

The best way to get around the return of alternate side parking rules in New York City is to use the best car storage Manhattan offers. Using a parking garage ensures your car is always legally and safely parked. Parking garages offer daily and monthly parking rates. You can choose the plan that makes the most sense for your needs.

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