It would be nice to find parking meters that are simple to use, easy to find, and clean/sanitary: finding  good parking meters is often rare. As the city continues to move to new metering systems, the problems associated with easy parking and paying go out the window. Making mistakes at a parking meter is an offense that is not forgiven by the courts, which means that a person must pay parking tickets and potentially pay to get their vehicle released from an impound lot.

Auto Storage in NYC

Rather than the traditional coin meters (once located conveniently next to each spot), you need to walk now to find a meter. Then you must print a ticket and walk back to your car (waste of time and energy). Even worse than that, the machines are often not cleaned or maintained. Besides being dirty, they sometimes run sluggishly or don’t run at all. In 2020, a significant glitch in parking meter systems caused thousands of machines not to accept bank/credit card payments. It is crucial to keep in mind that even when meters are broken, it is still the driver’s responsibility to ensure they are paying for parking. You cannot fight a parking ticket saying the meter was broken: this doesn’t work in New York City.

Utilizing the best auto storage NYC offers is a convenient and inexpensive way to park without the hassles associated with street parking in meters. Beyond difficulties with finding a working meter, street parking comes with an extensive list of other potential dangers that are avoided by parking in a parking garage in New York City.

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