Finding available street parking in  Manhattan is usually time-consuming and frustrating. It is common to see people starting their time in the city on a sour note because of the parking situation. Once a person finds a spot they then must contend with confusing signs and expired meters. When parking, chances are a person will not have ample room to parallel park, which also makes life difficult. Parking in the city can be difficult, but it does not have to be.

Parking Garage NYC

The quickest and safest option for parking in the city is to find a local parking garage or lot. Park It! Guides, which is a directory of parking spots in the city claim that there are:

  • 1,100 off street parking garages
  • 100,000 spaces in outdoor lots
  • Smaller lots average about ten spaces
  • Large lots can hold up to 3,500

There are a lot of parking garages and lots throughout NYC that will suit your parking needs. If you need a parking garage in NYC, you should make us your first call. We also offer great monthly parking in NYC.

Owning and traveling by car in NYC is difficult because of the number of vehicles on the road and the lack of street parking available to people. Between alternate side parking, curb cuts, driveways, and more, parking in New York City is never easy. Those who own a vehicle can find themselves spending hours driving around looking for a legal spot.  Call us today to find spots to make your commute to NYC easier.

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