Washington Square

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    2 Fifth Avenue Wash. Sq. N.

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    Hours of Operation 12:00 am - 11:59 pm - 11:59 pm


( taxes not included )
  • 1hr $25.34
  • 2hrs $33.79
  • 10hrs $42.24
  • 24hrs/max $50.69


( taxes not included )
  • All Day Special M-F enter 5am exit by 7pm $27.03

Washington Square

Monthly Parking NYC.

The City counts on parking violations to occur because of all the tax and ticket money they make. Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs are known not to overturn tickets, meaning that most people that get one end up paying. The rules for parking are confusing, and they are different from block to block and avenue to avenue. It is the driver’s responsibility to read signs carefully. This can be avoided with monthly parking in NYC.

ZIP CAR Zipcar and Garage Management Company

Garage Management Company offers Zipcars in several of their locations throughout Manhattan. As a Zipcar customer you are also a GMC Parking customer so we look forward to seeing you in our garages.

Garage Management Company has a longtime relationship with the New York Athletic Club on Central Park South, one block from Central Park. GMC Parking offers valet parking services for the club and looks forward to taking care of your parking needs during your stay in Manhattan.

As a person who is doing their part for the environment we would like to do our part to help you. If you have an electric vehicle or energy efficient vehicle we would like to offer you discounted monthly parking in many of our locations throughout Manhattan.