Many people may not outwardly admit parking in NYC is crazy, but the simple fact of the matter is that deep down it drives most people to become even slightly enraged. This includes the most timid and mousey of people you may know. You may recall an incident with the actor Alec Baldwin in 2018, when he got into a parking altercation right in front of his wife and child. To make a long story short, he ended up pleading guilty to 2nd degree violation of harassment and had to attend an anger management program.

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Owning a car in NYC comes with its own set of rules. Between meters and alternate side parking, knowing where to leave your car parked in NYC can become tricky.

The point of the story isn’t to denigrate Mr. Baldwin, but to highlight his frustration and the frustration that so many New Yorkers and visitors experience daily. There are three things a person can do to alleviate the problems of congested parking in Manhattan.

Monthly parking in NYC: getting a monthly spot is an added expense, but how much is your time and peace of mind worth? We offer many affordable options at different locations throughout Manhattan and the outer boroughs. We offer some of the best parking garages NYC has. In most locations, you can pick up and drop off your car as you please.

Get rid of your car: this is an option that does not work for all people. You can get around via train and bus in NYC, but when it comes to distance traveling things become a nightmare. Many individuals need their vehicles for work. Getting rid of a car is an option, but it should be considered a very last resort.

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Come up with areas that offer better parking: There are certain areas through the city that have more residential street parking, so you may have to park some distance away from work or home. Be careful when choosing a neighborhood to park because not all are as safe as one another.
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