So, you’re all set for a fun weekend of activities in NYC, but then you realize that you need to navigate your commute. How are you going to get to your destination? If you decide to drive your car, finding a parking spot is sure to be an issue. It’s no secret that parking in NYC is not easy. There’s the option of parking on the street or utilizing a parking garage in NYC. Both options come with pros and cons.

Car Storage in NYC

Finding street parking on the weekends is slightly more accessible than during the weekday. There are fewer restrictions as alternate street parking does not occur on the weekend, and many street signs don’t allow parking Monday through Friday. Additionally, many metered spots are suspended on Sundays. However, it’s not easy to find a legal spot. You may still find yourself circling the area to find parking.

Before you park your car, read all the signs to make sure you’re parking legally. After your fun day of activities, the last thing you want is to come back to a parking ticket or a towed car. A towed car is extra detrimental on the weekend as you may have to wait until the weekday to pick up your car.

Street parking in NYC is brutal. You don’t want to ruin a fun weekend by struggling to find parking. A parking garage in NYC is an excellent option to avoid these hassles. Parking in a garage eliminates the stress and ensures you’re parked legally. We have the best and most convenient parking garages in NYC. We also specialize in car storage in NYC.

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