For a multitude of reasons, NYC has been drastically reevaluating how cars and other vehicles operate within the city. Most of the newer regulations favor foot traffic and bicycle riding over automobile drivers. The more things continue to change, the harder it will become to live with and operate a car in Manhattan.

Monthly Parking in NYC

The most significant change to the city is the addition of bike lanes. Biking culture has been a big part of the city for many decades now, but it is only recently that the city has been reducing the number of car lanes and parking spots to build new bike lanes. Now that there is less room for driving and parking, drivers are noticing higher congestion and difficulties parking.

Citi bikes need to get stored somewhere, and the city thinks it is best to install bike stations in areas that were once used for street parking. In the several years since the Citi Bike program began, more and more bike stations are popping up throughout the city. With each new station build, there are fewer parking spots.

New York City is trying to increase bus riding and bus travel times. To do this, they had to get rid of more parking spots to build high-speed bus lanes. These lanes are fantastic for those that ride buses, but at the same time, it hurts drivers.

Now, NYC is eliminating free street parking. Recently, the local transportation committee has proposed to get rid of free street parking completely. Nothing has been passed as of yet, but the fact that this idea is even being considered should scare drivers.

Monthly Parking in NYC

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