Parking on the street of NYC can be tough, especially when looking for a free spot close to where you need to be. Because of these circumstances, parking is considered a nightmare by many individuals. It can be so bad that people opt not to drive in at all. That’s fine for people commuting from Brooklyn or queens, but its almost impossible from Staten Island or other surrounding states

Parking Garage NYC

Besides there being a limited number of spots, there is also a slew of parking traps that end up costing drivers a great deal of cash in tickets and towing. Tickets for parking violations range from $50 and can go higher than $400 (towing, ticket, taxes, and impound fee). Below, we will provide a small checklist of common parking traps to watch out for. Rather than risking parking on the streets, consider the best parking garage NYC has.

Park 15 feet away from a hydrant. As bike lanes grow in the city, the city considers those areas extensions of the sidewalk. So even if it looks like a legal spot across from a bike lane, you should be 15-feet away. Consider implementing a 15-foot distance that is in a 360-degree radius.

Confusing parking signs get the best of us. A rule of thumb that can help is that a no sign always takes importance over yes signs (when two compete for your money). In other words, stricter parking rules count over less stringent regulations. The best has can prevent you from ever worrying about these signs.

Do not ever park in a bike lane. Bike lanes are growing throughout the city, and those lanes are known to take former legitimate parking spots. Parking in a bike lane is a fast way to get your car towed.

Parking Garage NYC