Nothing can ruin a day more than coming back to your car to discover you’ve gotten a ticket. There are many reasons to get a ticket in NYC, and the fees vary greatly. The parking ticket price depends on what you did wrong and the location of the violation. Some violations will cost you up to $115!

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There are many rules to follow when it comes to parking in NYC. It’s difficult to keep track of everything. Below are just some of the many violations that may lead to a parking ticket:

  • Parking longer than the allowed time
  • Parking less than fifteen feet from a fire hydrant
  • Not displaying a paid receipt in your windshield when in metered parking
  • Parking during street cleaning days
  • Blocking an intersection or crosswalk

One must be diligent to avoid tickets when parking in NYC. There are many rules to follow, and it’s easy to make mistakes. To avoid a parking ticket, utilize the following tips:

  • Triple check the time limit on your meter
  • Read all the signs carefully and follow the most restrictive one
  • Park more than 15 feet from a hydrant
  • Make sure you’re not parked within a crosswalk or bike lane
  • Understand the meanings of parking signage, such as no stopping and no standing

The number one way to prevent a parking ticket is to utilize a parking garage in NYC. Using one of our parking garages will ensure you’re parking legally and won’t have to worry about a ticket. We can also help with long-term parking as we specialize in car storage in NYC.

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