When driving in NYC, it is common to come across three parking signs: no parking, no standing, and no stopping. The NYPD is known to be aggressive with handing out parking violation tickets, so it is best that drivers be informed about the rules, so they don’t get in trouble.  It is easy to confuse the three above signs, so we would like to take the time to explain the differences between the three.

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No parking means that you cannot leave your car in that area, but you can use it to load and unload people or packages quickly. The New York DOT says that vehicles must be moved within a few brief moments. Cars that sit for too long, even with a driver in the seat, is subject to ticketing.

No standing means that a person cannot wait for people or merchandise at this spot. They can, however, quickly drop off or pick up passengers. The sign only applies to people, meaning that a driver cannot unload or load packages at these signs. NYPD officers will give a ticket for this offense.

No stopping is the strictest of all three signs. You cannot park, stand, pickup, or unload. Unless in traffic or at a red light, you should never be stationary in a no stopping area. The only other times it is proper to stop at one of these signs are for a real emergency or if instructed by a government official.

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