Parking in NYC is never easy. There are limited spots, and when you find an open parking spot, it’s almost impossible to determine if it’s legal to park there. Parking signs are confusing, and if you don’t know what they mean, you may wind up with hefty fines or a towed car. 

Parking Garages in NYC
Monthly Parking and Parking Garages in NYC

Let’s go over the most common signs found on NYC streets and explain what each of them means for you. 

  • No Standing Anytime – This sign indicates that you cannot only park in this area, but you cannot idle here as well. Do not plan to park your car here and sit in the driver’s seat while waiting for someone. 
  • Street Cleaning – These signs highlight a specific day and time during the week that you cannot park. Spots with these signs are subject to street cleaning rules. 
  • Parking Meter – Certain spots in NYC are legal only if you pay a meter while parking there. The parking meter sign will indicate how long you’re allowed to park in the spot and the days and times you need to pay the meter. If you are outside of the designated times, you may park in this spot for as long as you need. 
  • Taxi Stand – Spots with these signs are designated for taxi use only. 
  • No Parking Anytime – This is probably one of the easier signs to decode. You may not park in this spot at any time of the day. 

Parking Garages in NYC

As you can see, even if you find an open spot, there’s no guarantee that it’s a legal one. Avoid the hassle of parking on NYC streets altogether by utilizing a parking garage in NYC.

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