After a long dreary winter, New Yorkers want to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Spring and summer are a time to get out and enjoy all that the city offers. If you’re preparing to take your car to these activities, consider using a parking garage in NYC.

Parking in New York City

Parking in NYC is always complicated, but it can become more difficult in the spring and summer. The warmer weather attracts more locals and tourists to the city, resulting in more cars on the road and fewer available parking spots. If you’re headed to a popular destination, such as Central Park on a sunny spring day, prepare to drive around looking for parking.

Drivers are not the only ones snatching up available parking spaces. Restaurants will also eliminate ample parking space as the warmer weather brings the return of outdoor dining. Many restaurants have set up al fresco dining on the street. While this is a great addition to the city, it can be frustrating for drivers.

The city streets are filled with parking signs indicating when you can and cannot legally park. The summer adds to the confusion when parking near a school. The streets surrounding a school building will have signage indicating that you cannot park during certain hours when school is in session. Many assume that they can legally park in these spots during the summer. However, this is not always the case, as the school may still be open for summer sessions.

When driving to the city during the spring and summer, it’s best to use a parking garage to avoid hassles. We offer the best parking garage in NYC, and we also specialize in the best car storage Manhattan has to offer.

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