It’s a Friday night and your concert on 34th Street and 7th  Avenue starts in ten minutes. You left your house early to compensate for traffic, and you thought you were doing well on time until it was time to park. Circling the block, you watch your time run out and realize you made a terrible mistake. Has a situation like this happened to you? You needed to find a parking spot in the city but couldn’t?

Auto Storage NY
Car Storage NYC is becoming the only way to easily find a parking spot without the risk of getting ticketed or towed.

A recent study conducted by the INRIX Research Group combined survey results from roughly 6,000 drivers (ten states) with the largest parking database available. Their goal was to reveal the real cost of parking on drivers. They claim that, on average, Americans spend upwards of 17 hours a year searching for a legal parking spot. They estimate that time costs an average person $345 in wasted fuel and emission, not to mention a waste of time.

Numbers do fluctuate depending on which city a person is trying to park in. Of the ten cities that were surveyed, New York City was estimated to be the worst for wasting time and money. New York City drivers spend fifteen minutes per trip trying to find an on-street spot. Detroit clocked in at six minutes, and Dallas took drivers eight minutes to park.

If you live in the city or commute daily for work, you should consider a monthly parking spot. The best car storage NYC has prevented waste time. The money saved parking in a private lot is usually more than the money lost while looking for a parking spot. Manhattan is notorious for giving out tickets and towing cars, which also tends to cost an arm and a leg.

Save time, save money, and stay sane. Do not waste any more time circling blocks, wasting gas, and pulling out your hair.

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