Street parking has never been easy in NYC. We are sorry to say that the pandemic due to Covid-19 has made things worse. If you’ve recently driven to NYC, you did not imagine things. Street parking in NYC is getting worse, and there are a few factors for this occurrence. 

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There are fewer commuters on public transportation. 

Due to Covid-19, many people avoid crowded places. Mass transit has always been a bustling mecca in the City, with hundreds of thousands of riders every day. The pandemic put a stop to this. When individuals need to travel throughout the City, they are more likely to use their cars for safety reasons. 

Outdoor dining has created fewer available parking spots. 

When the City shut down indoor dining, many restaurants took their seating outside. This switch is great for diners but not so great for drivers. It’s estimated that outdoor dining took up 10,000 parking spots. 

More people own cars. 

Many New Yorkers turned to driving their own cars when mass transit seemed like an unsafe option for traveling. While some city dwellers owned a car already, many did not. In Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, the number of cars registered between August and October increased by 37 percent compared with the previous year. 

Parking Garage NYC

With more cars on the road and fewer available spots, parking in NYC has become a nightmare. Avoid the hassles of driving around and attempting to look for legal spots to park your car. Use the services of a parking garage in NYC to ensure your car is safely and legally parked when you’re in the City. 

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