Many individuals take their vehicles to New York City thinking that they will find an available street parking spot or an affordable parking garage right where they need it. Experienced New York City drivers know that that is not the case, and in fact, parking in New York City is one of the worst things a driver can do. Things can get so confusing and frustrating that people choose to never drive to the city, which is not a viable option. Why deprive yourself of a great day in Manhattan?

By learning a bit about New York City parking and some of the tips for securing a space, you can make sure that parking is not an issue or a hassle.

Parking in New York City

It would help if you always give yourself extra time when coming to Manhattan or the surrounding boroughs with a car. Between ever-changing traffic patterns and mass congestion, you are likely to hit traffic even during the day. What may only appear to be a quick 5-mile ride can often take over an hour in the worst of conditions. Make sure to give yourself sufficient time to safely and comfortably get where you need.

Know the costs associated with parking before you leave. Parking lots and garages often charge depending on the size of the vehicle, so you should do determine if you have an oversized vehicle. Those who own SUVs and minivans often get confused about which qualifies as oversized. Getting an idea of how much money parking will cost beforehand takes away the stress and anxiety of finding an affordable garage. You drive around aimlessly when you do this on short notice and eventually park in an expensive lot. The more you plan, the more you can save at a parking garage in New York City. If you feel generous, you can even factor in a tip for the service.

When parking at a garage in NYC, be expected to be met by a valet parking attendant. Often, individuals drop their car off at the main entrance, and then the attendant safely parks the car. Because this is the case, you want to ensure that your car is clean and ready to go, or at least the driver’s side. Making a smooth transition from dropping off a car to being on your way keeps everybody happy

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