When people drive their vehicles into Manhattan, it is common for them to spend some time looking for street parking. Typically, they drive around for a few moments looking for a free spot, and then they settle on metered parking. People will park there, thinking that a meter will be cheaper than a parking garage in Manhattan. Depending on where you decided to park, that is not always the case. When parking uptown (above 110th street), you will typically encounter meters that charge $1 per hour. As you begin to move downtown and into hotspots and tourist attractions, you will notice the cost of meter drastically increases.

Parking Garage Manhattan
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If you are parking in SoHo or the LES, you will typically see $4 an hour parking that is in effect seven days a week. As you go up from there, say Chelsea or Hell’s Kitchen, you will be paying $4.50 an hour. Once you get to Times Square, you will see prices higher. If you are going to a show or event, you will end up spending a lot on parking. With the best parking garage Manhattan has, you can end up saving money and keeping your car safe. You can even opt for monthly parking in NYC if you frequently come to the city.

Monthly Parking Lot NYC

The city now allows individuals to pay for parking directly from their phones. It is essential to keep in mind that when you park at a meter that says one or two-hour parking, the sign genuinely means you can only park there for that amount of time. Once the time is over, you will not be able to refill your time using the app. This will leave you vulnerable to expensive tickets and towing.

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