It is common for drivers to get tickets during the winter. You must know NYC winter parking rules and regulations, or you may be subject to being ticketed or towed. Below, we want to highlight some important tips for keeping your car safe this winter. If you use the best car storage NYC has to offer, you can avoid all the problems associated with snow and winter travel.

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Once the transportation commissioner declares a snow emergency state, you are not allowed to park or stand on any street designated as a snow street. These signs are red, with a white border and text. They read, “SNOW ROUTE, NO STANDING.” To avoid this issue, you should always carefully read signs before parking. Section 4-07 (i) of the DOT parking code states that you cannot park on prohibited shoulders adjacent to roadways and exits and entrances of parkways and expressways. These rules remain in effect until the transportation commissioner ends the emergency.

When it snows in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs, the city sends out snowplows to clear streets. Cars parked on city streets tend to get trapped by the snow being pushed off the road. A heavy snowstorm can make it almost impossible to get your car out.

To avoid the hassles of tickets and snow, you should use the best parking garage NYC has to offer. Not only is it safer, but they are also warmer. You can take a moment to get your things together when you park without freezing. When the weather is bad and days are short, car storage NYC is a much better option than street parking.

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