When using a car storage in NYC, parking is one of the biggest issues you will face. Between all the rules and regulations, finding a legal parking spot seems next to impossible. That’s where a parking garage comes into play. Parking garages are a great way to secure your car and avoid hefty fines. But they can be tricky. We’re going to help with some tips for using a parking garage in NYC

Car Storage in NYC

The first step is finding the right garage for your needs. There are plenty of lots throughout NYC, but they are not created equal. Some lots will be smaller than others. We suggest finding a larger lot as there is more guarantee they’ll have space to house your vehicle. Large capacity lots can often store up to two hundred cars at one time, while smaller lots fit less than one hundred cars. 

There will also be the decision between an indoor or outdoor lot. If you are parking for a significant amount of time, we suggest going for an indoor lot. Leaving your car in an outdoor lot for an extended period makes it susceptible to the elements such as rain, wind, heat, and snow. Additionally, the time to retrieve your car is often longer when parked in an outdoor lot versus an indoor one. 

You have a lot of options when parking in NYC. It’s important to understand them. If you are considering leaving your car in a lot for an extended period, consider utilizing us for car storage in NYC.

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